Integrated AI Solutions for Publishers

Auto Resize Ad Units - We provide Ad Units which can adjust and adapt to the page layout and environment depending on the devices the Ads are viewed in, hence enabling the best user experience.

To the Purpose Ad Experience - All Ads are strictly served based on the user’s location so that each viewer only sees appropriate Ads.

Various Ad Units To Choose From - Walletcircle has a list of Ad Units to choose from, and each unit is built to fit appropriately in all devices, not hampering the ad to content ration.

Highest Revenues, Least Efforts - Publishers only need to inject our tags on the website, all other formalities and optimisations are taken care of by our team.

Real Time Reports Accessibility - Our in-house built dashboard gives all the details required in real time to make sure that transparency between us and the Publisher’s is always maintained.


An effective auctioning system is set for each unique kind of environment depending on the Geo and Category of the Websites. All of these metrics are taken into consideration and only then does an Ad render.

All composite functioning is automated for each view on the pages.

Auto-served operations save time and manual efforts, ensuring best results.


All Ad Formats are designed keeping in mind the importance of not hindering web-vital scores of a website. The Ads are efficient to be running on infinite scrolls along with lazy loading.

Immediate load time optimised for each ad unit.

Web-vital score maintained at all times.


We have a team of proficients who help Publishers manage and optimise their DFP Ad Server and GAM. We work with top partners to make sure Publishers achieve the highest CPM Rates.

Availability of a premium stack of partners for all websites.

Incremental revenue stream because of real time bidding and multiple advertisers.

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